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#googleplus  wizard pin it: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/328481366543998179/———-http://weproms.com/services/social-media-marketing.htmlhttp://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvQ
Good Morning my G+ Friends!Buongiorno amici di G+!#goodmorning #buongiorno #mondaymotivation #goodmorningworld #mondayquotesSomething interesting for you:http://news.leonardo.it/social-addicted-5-cose-da-non-fare-a-cena-con-gli-analfabeti-digitali/http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvC
Monday fact that changes how you see themThere is only one Monday and it (eventually) ends.http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvB
Pets are the new kids.http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvm
If you’re building an email list, you should check this out.This is a great way to make your Facebook Ads super targeted!How to Target Your Email Subscribers with Facebook Ads_via +SocialMouths _ http://socialmouths.com/blog/2014/03/20/target-your-email-subscribers-on-a-faceboo/H/T +Small Business Bliss with Martina Iringhttp://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvo
Because: cats.http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvn
Seriously, how bored and apathetic do you AND your pet need to be in order to execute this? BTW, I will never play #Jenga with you, nor your pet.http://click-to-read-mo.re/p/6zvk

Benefits of Blogging #Infographic


Oh, Chris Carter…what…happened? I can only hope it was the rush to get this on #Amazon Hope e2 is a total reboot: http://ow.ly/3jg3hW | #TheAfter


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Chronicles of a Creative

The Chronicles of a Creative and his brain droppings. All opinions expressed here are my own, no one else would have them anyway.

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